Facebook Messenger: you can make free calls!

Facebook is now ready to challenge Microsoft in the service sector VoIP (Voice over IP – Voice calls su Internet) . Here's how you can call free!

Facebook drops in the field in the field of VoIP services trying to compete with Skype (Microsoft) and Google.

The revolution of Zuckerberg is being implemented in two moves, before the release of the new version of Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android, with the ability to send short voice messages for free (function already available with the new version of Facebook Messenger for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone), and then with the development of a real service for calls via the Internet (just as it does Skype, Tango, and many other applications)

facebook vs skypeIn fact, the real strength of Facebook is its one billion users, 23 million only in Italy: for a VoIP service (which assumes that both parties to the call using the same system) is essential in large-scale diffusion. Facebook will take the role as the only alternative to the giant Skype (now owned by Microsoft) which is currently the most widely used VoIP platform in the world.

The service free voice calls to Facebook is not yet available in Italy, but it is already being tested in Canada, and will gradually spread to the rest of the world.

It definitely seems so faded the hypothesis buying WhatsApp ventilated until a short time ago, and sanctioned by the excellent function Facebook Messenger to send voice messages (already available with the latest version of Facebook Messenger)..

messenger messaggi vocali gratis

The service (similar to that offered by the excellent application HeyTell that we have described in this article) is particularly useful when we want to communicate with friends but did not want to write, or when for one reason or another, the writing is complicated or too slow.

Writes the new AppStore main functions are:

  • Send rapidly voice messages for free when the written words are not enough
  • Call for Free your friends right from Messenger
  • Other improvements and solve other technical problems


Facebook Messenger is available for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

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