New Feature Facebook: Nearby Friends – Friends nearby

Facebook announced the upcoming release of a new useful feature: Nearby friends will probably be translated into Italian by “Friends nearby”. Although the function has as always a focus on privacy, certainly receive some criticism, but no doubt it is a very interesting feature.

The new Facebook Friends Nearby fact, in addition to show your friends in our neighborhood, will allow us to enable one or more friends we choose, and for a limited time period, the view of our exact location on the map. Location sharing and mutual will for example allow us to meet us when we have difficulty in explaining exactly the way or the position in which we find ourselves.
friends in vicinanze4 settings

To keep updated on our position, not to massively increase battery consumption caused by the GPS, Nearby Friends on Facebook also uses geolocation via cell phone and nearby WiFi networks.

As we said our privacy protection function: In fact, the function that allows you to see the location of our friends, or to see friends nearby will be disabled by default.

friends in vicinanze3 settings

It will be our choice to decide whether to enable, and enabling work in both directions:

  • well as allowing us to see close friends, show our position to our friends
  • as well as allow you to see the location of a specific friend, allow that friend to see our exact location.

friends in vicinanze2

The function will be released in the coming weeks.