Facebook introduces new graphics! Join to activate preview!

Facebook presented in a special event the new graphics designed to reorganize the news, make them more accessible and better organized. Let's see the new layout and find out how to activate preview.


Everything revolves around your friends

All news have been redesigned to highlight what your friends are sharing.


Thanks to the new filters, we can select what content they view and by whom.

If we want only stay abreast of the news will select only the most recent news, and when we have free time we can for example look at the pictures of our friends. The selection of content is happening thanks to a drop down menu to the right of the page.



Even the bulletin board is completely redesigned:

new_facebook bacheca

In the new version of Facebook photos and videos will be displayed in a larger size and also shared the articles will occupy more space by displaying a full preview of the content. The events to which we are invited will be grouped together and intermittent with all content shared by friends or from the pages that follow.

facebook eventi


Stands also the introduction of Graph Search of which we have already discussed in our article: Facebook unveils new search engine: Facebook Graph Search

There are also many new mobile version of Facebook to adapt to the new features of the bulletin board and news:




The crop request to Facebook to have the new version preview you can click on the green button at the bottom of this page for the official presentation: https://www.facebook.com/about/newsfeed

In this video you can see all the official changes in the new version of Facebook: