Facebook mobile: update adds sharing

Facebook has recently updated its official application introducing the possibility of share and republish content!

The official application of Facebook risponde alle critiche of the big names, of the brands that complained about the lack of possibilities from mobile devices to share and republish articles and pages.

This resulted in a decline in the spread of commercial pages in direct proportion to the increase in access from mobile devices.

condividi mobile facebookWhat has just been released on the App Store is an update going to introduce one of the features that many social network users have been requesting for a long time, or the possibility of share news interesting that appear on your profile with ease from mobile devices.

E’ stato infatti introdotto un Share new link, that can be used to share and repost the content displayed in their News section, but the news does not end here.

With version 5.2 Users can also tag their friends in posts, in comments and photos, ma anche personalizzare i propri messaggi inserendo Smiley, cuori and emoticon.

The upgrades have involved both Web App that the IOS and Android application.

Finally, to sort the news section will not just touch the button next to the news section, placed in the sidebar of the app.

Here is the official changelog of this version:

  • New link Share to republish content from your News section;
  • Tag your friends in posts, in comments and photos;
  • Smiley, hearts and other emoticons in messages;
  • To order the news section, tap the button next to the news section in the left sidebar.
At the moment the Sharing seems to work only with links, while setting the English language the function is also activated for photos and other content. Matter of time.