Facebook loses a big chunk of popularity among young people!

The Washington Post published a recent study on the use of Facebook and other social networks among teenagers (tra i 13 and 19 years) from which emerge shocking news about the loss of popularity by Facebook!The study was conducted by Piper Jaffray and apliamente spread and amplified by Washington Post and compare, among others, the data on the rating by young people on search engines. The study compares two periods very recent: spring 2014 against autumn 2014 and the results are truly shocking!
According to this study the use of Facebook by young people has dropped from 72% to the 45%.
To be precise, also the use of all the other major social network is down except Instagram.

The decline of Facebook is heavier and more news. Instagram is growing (We remind you that in any case be part of the Facebook group thanks to a recent acquisition no longer).

Below you can see a graph very clear where it is shown the results of this survey on the use of social networks: in dark green of spring data 2014 and light green to autumn 2014:
utilizzo_facebookPlease note that these data can be consulted and verified in more detail on page Piper Jaffray do not refer to actual statistics using social networks but a survey on a sample of an appropriate number of subjects of teen United States.

Facebook on its part would be working on some new, including an app that would allow sending anonymous messages, through which it could ride the current fashions, likely to stem the decline of interest on the part of the younger.