Facebook PhotoSync: instant loading of pictures is coming

Facebook, try to imitate a very popular function of Google Plus: the Instant loading of photos taken with your smartphone into a gallery “temporary” by Facebook: Photosync. Let's see how it works.

Currently, the feature would be available only in the United States, only to a limited group of users “selected” only now with Android devices. iSocial was able to prove it to you.
How to...: photos taken with the smartphone are transferred automatically to a folder on Facebook.
With WiFi available photos are uploaded in high resolution ( 2.048 pixels ). The application, otherwise, loading a proof by 960 pixels. The photos remain “private” and visible only to you until you decide to make them public. At this point will no longer need to wait for the loading time.
This feature may also allow you to avoid “waste” photos when you update / lose your phone. The photos would be always available “on the cloud” while respecting your privacy.
Without a shadow of doubt, Facebook has shamelessly copied one of the best features of Google Plus.
Google Plus, however, is still a step ahead of Facebook, because on Google Plus instant loading is already well established and even has the option “Party Mode” that allows you to instantly publish photos of presentations, mass events, and which are “grouped” within the page or section of the event.