Facebook presents Facebook Home! The real innovation unexpected!

The real news that Facebook is presenting at the event we are talking about these days, all is not as they expected a New Facebook Phone but Facebook Home! Let's see what it is!

Come afferma Mark Zuckerberg proprio all’inizio dell’evento, Facebook did not want to create a new phone and did not want to create an operating system.

What I wanted to create an interface that is integrated with the operating system of the phone and allow a real interaction with the phone itself and with all apps. For technicians, There is talk of some sort of “substrate”.

In the image, the concept is best expressed:


From what we can guess up to now, this new interface (Facebook Home) systems is unlikely to be available on iOS. It will certainly be enjoyed by Android and probably Windows Mobile.

Il nuovo Facebook home sarà in grado di mostrare tutti i tipi di messaggi che ci interessano direttamente in modo accorpato: SMS, emails and Facebook messages.

Important notifications and messages can be displayed without interrupting what you're doing, overlay showing the picture of the contact that you are writing.

It will therefore be possible to read the messages and reply without leaving the application you are using.

Everything is implemented with simple gestures and drag&drop.



This confirms the availability of Google Play and not on iOS iPhone / iPad because the systems are too close to allow Facebook Home to work.

Home Facebook The name derives from the very nature of the new Facebook application, intended to replace the homescreen of the phone. Currently this is only possible on Android devices.



Home Facebook will then receive notifications from social networks directly on the home screen of your mobile network through a feature called “Feed Cover“.

Information from Facebook will be shown full screen on your device, doing almost overshadowing the operating system (Android) the Vostro smartphone.

Another innovation is Chatheads, a new method of texting with your friends and contacts. The people with whom you are conversing appear as “test” (retrieved from the Facebook profile), that it will be possible to move, drag, or merge.. remove from the screen!

Chatheads funzionerà però solamente con la messaggistica di Facebook (Facebook Messenger) and SMS, not with other messaging app on your phone.

It seems to many that it is an operation of “affiliation” of its members rather heavy by Facebook. I wonder if it takes even the U.S. antitrust..

Mark Zuckerberg presented in the second part of the event finally the long-awaited “Facebook smartphone” that already integrates natively Facebook Home.

This is the much-heralded HTC first. For more information about HTC, please visit our first article: Facebook Unveils HTC first: the first device with integrated Facebook Home

You can download Facebook Home directly from Google Play (starting from 12 April) for the following devices:

  • HTC One
  • HTC ON X
  • Samsung GALAXY S III
  • Samsung GALAXY S4
  • Samsung Galaxy Notes II