Facebook privacy: Graph Search violates the privacy?

Sta ritornando a bomba in questi giorni un post piuttosto ricorrente che invita gli utenti a prestare particolare attenzione alla invasion of privacy by Facebook with the introduction of the new new Facebook Graph Search, a new search engine that Facebook is doing so much to discuss.

Below we propose the text of the message (Facebook privacy)that is circulating again in the network:

“Facebook changed its privacy settings, again! Because of the new “Graph app” anyone can see your photos, likes and comments.
For the next 2 weeks publish this message: please do the following and at the end commented DONE!
Those of you who do not keep my information “private”, and not for the public, will be ELIMINATED !
I want to stay in touch with you in private and to post photos of family and friends, without strangers can access! This happens when friends clicked on “I like” the “Comments” …. their friends can automatically see also our messages. Unfortunately we are not able to change this setting us because Facebook is configured so.
You Prego, then, put your mouse over my name (without clicking), opens a window. Now move the mouse “Friends” (even without clicking), then “Settings”, (now click ) and, modified list, clear “important events” and “Comments on I like”. So the posts exchanged between my friends and family, are not made public. Now, copy and paste this post on your diary (COPY AND PASTE, NO SHARE”). Once I see it posted on your diary, I will do the same to you. Thank you.”

For more information on Facebook, please click Graph Search our article: Facebook unveils new search engine: Facebook Graph Search. Se desiderate provare Facebook Graph Search e non lo avete ancora, you can read: How to enable Facebook Graph Search.

This is the usual, damn buffalo that goes to hit once again Facebook, trying to make inroads in the users using the “fear” to see compromessa or violated our privacy on Facebook.

And’ true that the new search engine will make it easier to see old posts or photos, you can search for events or things that we had forgotten.. and that our friends had forgotten that he had done, but all in respect for privacy: Facebook Graph Search is nothing more than a search engine that has surely to now several constraints and defects, but certainly not that of privacy.

If your friend or stranger in a search result you will get some involving, it is only because in your profile you have chosen to make public the photos, the post, sites or your friend list and not a problem with Facebook privacy.

To recap: Facebook Graph Search, you only show things that people can already see by visiting your profile and does not violate in any way your Privacy on Facebook.

You have set the privacy that people are not friends can not see anything of you? Your profile will remain excluded from the results of Facebook Graph Search if those who launched the research is not your friend.

To understand the reasons why you generate these huge hoaxes on Facebook (o catene di Sant’Antonio) you can read our article on this one further buffalo on the introduction of a cost to join Facebook: Facebook and the registration fee.

So do not worry.. and stop sharing these posts bizarre sometimes written in bad Italian.. the real risk is sharing them.. simply because you will see the others.. how much you are gullible :)