Facebook activates the responses to comments

It was a long time that users asked for the possibility to respond to comments on Facebook, and finally the famous social network has decided to please a small slice of “population facebook”.

Per ora infatti le risposte ai Comments are only available for facebook pages. But how do you enable / disable replies to comments?

How to turn on replies to comments on Facebook pages

This operation is very simple:just go to the page on which you want to activate the answers and click “enable response” which is located above the cover image of the page:

risposta commenti

Let's see the usefulness of this feature: for example, if they had collected ten of comments for a post loaded in a page, the administrator of the page that he wanted to respond to a user would simply add an eleventh comment. Creating chaos, not reaching the goal and thus diminishing the value of dialogue with its community.

The opening of the responses to the comments really creates a first channel bidirectional: the page loads content, users comment, can answer this Page, let us see an example from the Facebook page iSocial.it.

On the page was published an article and a comment is posted by a user (in this case, to show an example we commented on the article from the same page. The comment appears a new link “Reply”:

The administrator of the page by clicking the link “Reply” Enter a comment:



It is not, however, an introduction of a function trivial, i commenti saranno completamente reorganized and ordinati da un algoritmo automatico in base alla loro social relevance: saranno mostrati per primi i commenti con più risposte e più pertinenti rispetto alla rete sociale dell’utente, making them end up in the top of the list, e verranno declassati quelli ritenuti poco interessanti o spam.