Facebook Rosa returns. Caution!

“Facebook Rosa” had the book a few months ago, seemed now “extinct”, instead these days seems to be starting to spread. What's this? Facebook Pink is a Facebook application that promises to change the colors and icons of your Facebook account by replacing the classic blue theme with a fully pink. Is advertised through messages “automatic” you will appear to come from your friends.

Facebook rosa virus

This is actually a virus that, in addition to shirk credentials and personal data, will spread by sending messages without your knowledge to your contacts, inviting them to install the same application.

Clicking on the icon of the application the user is redirected to a page outside the social network; at this point by selecting "I like it", reported on the icon, malicious code is installed on the PC.

• Be wary not to click on the icon in question,
• if you have already activated the product, remove it from your wall looking for the icon "FACEBOOK" in the list “Applications”,
• update your antivirus and run a full scan of the computer

Link: State Police