Facebook uses the data of WhatsApp for friend suggestions? Privacy at risk?

Anyone is wondering why we suggest Facebook friends in a somewhat’ suspect: if I felt only sometimes with a person, we live in different cities, we do not have school, work or friends in common.. how does Facebook to suggerimelo as friend? Well the answer is quite simple..In recent months, Mark Zuckerberg has paid over 19 billions of dollars to buy WhatsApp. It was simply a desire to steal customers to other messaging systems (first of all Hangouts, Telegram the Line) or was there something more?
Obviously, the founder of Facebook already had a program in the lead, something that would make it very. Just think about it for a giant like Instagram had spent a couple of years ago just one billion US $.

Facebook WhatsApp Privacy

The reason is related to the question with which we began: actually Facebook, with the acquisition of WhatsApp has “purchased” also 450 headings million mobile phones users.

What are phone books? simple, to accomplish that task all the biggest dealers worldwide are doing with greed: customer profiling.

What does it mean to profile users? Associate with a username, or a profile, a series of useful information related to his habits, knowledge, tastes, shifts, friendships in order to provide personalized services, targeted advertising, advice appropriate to the circumstances.

The processing of personal data by WhatsApp and Facebook is legal?

Sure. When you choose to activate a service, that WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, Mail Free, when you activate an iPhone, and Samsung, a Google device is presented to a “Disclaimer” (or Terms of Service): accepting those terms accepted the fact that a series of data are processed, Archived, managed, and sometimes transmitted to third parties.

If chewed English well, check out this report written by the Committee on the protection of privacy Canadian, who attempted to accuse WhatsApp of privacy violation.

Only Facebook and WhatsApp violate our privacy?

Absolutely not: just think that for example IBM has banned its employees to use iMessage and Siri since exchanged messages can be processed by Apple.
The data exchanged via Hangouts are processed by Google, as well as the data entered in the mail Gmail and appointments saved Google Calendar.
The sites to which you log in using the login from Facebook social network to communicate your interest to the subject of which is the site.

How does Facebook to suggest the friendship of people I contacted only on WhatsApp?

Here's how personal information is exchanged between Facebook and WhatsApp:
When saved in the phone book the contact of a person, this number is acquired from the server WhatsApp.
Exchanged a few messages via WhatsApp WhatsApp with some person and tells Facebook that you and this person you are in relationships. At this point, Facebook suggests friendship with this person.

But it's no surprise, this “intrusion” in your contacts took place even before the link between Facebook and WhatsApp: for several years, installing the Facebook application on your mobile, if you wanted to synchronize your contacts with personal photos of your contacts autorizzavate Facebook to access your address book.
What was missing then Facebook was the certainty that these numbers saved in your address book were people with whom scambiavate messages with which you were more or less constant relations.

If we have to be honest.. WhatsApp and Facebook are two companies whose purpose is to earn and Facebook does essentially about advertising being a free service, and we were ourselves to accept the rules governing the service at the time of.
Therefore, we are free to choose whether or not our personal information: if we do not want interference in our privacy we are perfectly free to refuse consent and not use these applications.

Also, the fact that Facebook will suggest the friendships of contacts that we had with people on WhatsApp is nothing shocking: this suggestion of friendship is visible only by you and those who have had contact with you, is not public. Also why Facebook suggests a friendship are multiple, and if this results from a sharing of information with WhatsApp is not explicit.

Therefore the choice is rather trivial: if you choose to feel more useful to use Facebook and WhatsApp or if you hold more to that fragment of privacy that is “stolen” and decide to simply unsubscribe from these two services!

What do you think?