Facebook is updated! Here is the new diary!

Facebook is starting to update the profile page of Facebook users. Will be radically modificat the much-disputed “timeline” which divides the profile page into two columns and put the events in chronological order.Already in December talking about this change, that Facebook ha testato in Nuova Zelanda su alcuni utenti.

As we realize this change? Upon entering our personal Facebook page or in that of a friend, we will disappear from the top bar of the box containing images and previews of friends, photos and maps, e l’introduzione di nuove opzioni, including the ability to sort and choose what to show on the right side of the new page of the diary (timeline).

Here is an example of the new Facebook timeline page:
Nuova timeline facebook

Come dicevamo la nuova Timeline permetterà di poter scegliere se inserire nella colonna di destra i likes, photos, the map, events, places, etc... and sort. Previously you could only choose to show or hide all of these “Widget” at the same time.

This activity will be delegated to “Collections Manager” (is not yet known the name of the function in the Italian translation):

collection manager facebook

The comments of those who have the new timeline are the most diverse, anyway the new timeline sebra more a return to old diary of Facebook that a new version of the same timeline.

What are the reasons for this change? Are not yet known, but in our opinion it comes to having the opportunity to give more space to sponsored links.