Facebook: new measures for the protection of young teenagers

Tutti sappiamo che su Facebook è possibile be controlled by the privacy, the target of your posts: a new approach to privacy dedicated to the youngest allows you to protect the highest privacy!
As is known, you can choose whether to share the posts with the whole world, with friends or friends of friends or a single person or group of persons. Every time you post a status update you have the option to choose your “public”, and if you do not, this becomes the default setting from the last state in which you have changed the privacy.
For example, if a status update to show only the selected group “Colleagues at work”, your later posts, if you do not specify will remain limited to that group.facebook teen privacy

Until yesterday, the young users of Facebook (the so-called “Teen“) from 13 to 17 years, had as the default setting for the publication of post visibility set to “friends of friends”, with the possibility of changing this setting.
And’ a setting that allows people who do not know (and do not fall in the group of friends) the post.
To Facebook's new privacy policies the 16 October 2013, the default for all new profiles, or for profiles that have never changed the target of their post the setting will be enhanced with “Friends” and the option to be “followed” will be disabled by default, significantly narrowing the target in the post.

Facebook states that the Teen, despite being heavy users of Facebook, are not sufficiently aware of how important it is to protect their privacy.
Even the young users will still have a way to expand the target again for your messages, but they will be repeatedly warned and warned about the kind of choice that they are doing as you can see in the following two images:
and upon confirmation, verrà mostrata una nuova segnalazione:

And who will protect the rest of the users.. by teen? :)

Source: Facebook Newsroom