New event on Facebook 4 April: Facebook Smartphone in arrivo?

Facebook has invited the press to a event to be held on 4 April: one wonders what Facebook has to communicate to the world, and already there are the first entries. It is based of course on the invitation sent by Facebook to larger newspapers that as usual.. lets imagine a lot but does not communicate certainties..

From what you can see from the invitation to Facebook, probably the event will feature the first Facebook smartphone. See for yourself:

Invito evento facebook

“Come see our new 'home’ su Android”

Facebook potrebbe quindi presentare il suo primo smartphone che, according to the rumor of these hours, would assemble an Android operating system would be modified and manufactured by HTC. If the news is confirmed, Facebook could become a direct competitor to Apple, just as he did with the Amazon tablet.

Prototype Facebook Smartphone

Prototype Facebook Smartphone

In the invitation it comes to Android, the most suitable platform to develop this project, and the hardware should be made by HTC. In essence we could see something very similar to an existing model with a modified OS for a complete interaction with the social network or something completely new. Previous rumor described him as a smartphone from the clean lines, rounded corners and 4.3 "screen while at the hardware level you bet on a 1.5 GHz dual core processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB of internal memory and dual camera, the 5 and 1,6 megapixels. By now there is little to wait, who knows that after two years this project does not really take shape.

This smartphone would allow Facebook to create a custom operating system and useful to collect more and more data on users. It would therefore be an advantage for himself Facebook, that could enlarge and enrich the data base containing the preferences of a large portion of the world population. Let's take an example: Facebook potrebbe sapere chi vi scrive normalmente SMS e chi chiamate o chi vi chiama con più frequenza: this would definitely be a good indicator of “quality” dell’amicizia anche in Facebook.

Obviously this advantage to Facebook tradurrebe is also innovative features for Facebook users who use the new smartphone marked Facebook.

Already announced that if this were to happen, probably the use of new services through the app for iPhone and Android would remain disadvantaged in comparison to the new born.

L’evento sarà Thursday 4 April 2013, at 1 Hacker Way (Strange name eh?!) All 10:00 AM PST Menlo Park, Santa Clara County, California.