Facebook spies the User's private Messages to sell advertising?

Il "Fatto quotidiano" reports of the Financial Times, according to which it is apparently trying a “class action” towards Facebook, accused of “spying” even private messages from users in order to obtain useful information for resale to “sponsor” for targeted advertising. It would have been asked for a refund of 10.000 U.S. $ for each user “spied”.If the announcement was true, it would be a fact rather serious: allegations claim that Facebook has the spider responsible for checking within private messaging users for the presence of links (to other websites) and transmission of such data to advertisers to allow them to generate targeted advertisements on the bulletin board of the victims of this “espionage”.
facebook spia messaggi
You will be successful at some sites to see (in our) some banners that show advertisements that seem to be made especially for you (such as used cars that you searched online, offers for their tickets to the destination you've been looking on the internet for a moment before). You will come to doubt that someone was spying on your browsing: this is a case very different from what challenged to Facebook: in our example, some sites allow the “Tracks” saved in your computer (cookies) that are read by advertisers. These cookies do not contain personal data.

Facebook is instead accused of snooping into your private messages, and without your consent.

Gli autori di questa class action nei confronti di Facebook Matthew Campbell e Michale Hurley affermano “Chi utilizza Facebook crede che i messaggi privati non siano controllati e per questo motivo tende a rivelare informazioni riservate“.
Facebook seems to be taking the distances from these charges: "The allegations are baseless and that's why we defend it with all your might".

We will keep you updated on the developments of this story.

Source: ilfattoquotidiano.it