Facebook: stickers in the comments

Facebook introduced the ability to insert stickers in the comments.
Well, If used in moderation can be fun, but always without exaggeration!
The Stickers (the ADESIVI) are great emoji icons similar to. Up to now were usable only within the Messages on Facebook (also from the app Facebook Messenger).
From today, the stickers are also available in the comments and will work exactly as in the messages: are made available some set of stickers, and then give the user the freedom to go into sticker store (shop stickers) Now to get (and in the future buy) other.

At the time all stickers are free, However, it is easy to see how in the future may decide to create some special surcharge, especially when maybe they are involved external brands.
The sticker on Facebook are grouped into themed packages, often based on movies or celebrities, but there are those dedicated team, sport or popular games. Bob Baldwin Facebook commented on the news of the advent of the sticker on Comments: “I think the stickers will allow people to respond to messages in a way more fun than using words alone. Now you can show your enthusiasm for a post containing good news, cheer up a friend who is feeling down and also express a variety of major emotional nuances”.
As can be cute in a discrete application, our impression is that they're going to smudge the list of comments and the related Facebook pages, enormously and unnecessarily lengthening the list of comments looking for something meaningful.
Here are just an example: