Facebook: new photos and videos in style SnapChat!

Over the past few days Facebook started the release of an updated version of their app by introducing several news regarding the possibility of create photo and video Download style then with 3D effects applied to video, filters for pictures and stickers.These are the same effects that made popular Snap chat.

Within Messenger, Facebook already had a room which was used to apply a few app-sticker to the photographs or texts, but nothing compares to the new update that completely revolution how to take pictures and shoot video fun.

The purpose of Facebook is obviously to bring people to share more photos and videos and to regain that slice of users (especially teenagers) they had partially supplanted Facebook in favor of SnapChat.

Facebooks-room-style-snapchatKeep it up then the Facebook battle against SnapChat who did not want to give in to the proposed purchase by the American colossus.

The new Facebook app with videos and pictures in style SnapChat already described by Facebook in late December, is just being released these days, so if you don't see anchor the news do not despair, will arrive within a few hours or within a few days: make sure you always download the latest versions of Facebook.

How does the new in-app camera di Facebook

In fact, the revolution of the Facebook App is not limited to the ability to send photos and videos handled with effects or applying doggies who lick the face: It is in fact three big news that there we summarize very quickly and that you can see also from video advertising.

All three news will be easily accessible from the box “What are you thinking” on your timeline.

New Facebook style camera SnapChat

As we said the new camera has new effects, both live (applied then in real time while recording a video), both pre and post-production as adding filters, stickers and lettering.

‘”Try them out – You can take a selfie and transform into a reindeer or play with falling snow or even just ask someone how they are doing – It's the perfect way to spread a little happiness in your messages”. (Facebook)

New Direct function: private messages

You will now be able to share a photo with your contact or group of contacts: After you send a content with the Direct function, the content can be viewed at most twice, then no longer visible.
After 24 hours of viewing photo, video or message sent via Facebook Direct, this be destroyed and cannot be reviewed.

Facebook Stories

The feature Stories we've seen in SnapChat and Instagram: allows you to share photos and videos with friends throughout the day.
Then, instead of publishing individual photos and videos during the day, We may share entire moments, and move them forward gradually during the gionrnata.

Also photos and videos added to a Story will disappear after 24 hours and does not appear on the Bulletin Board or in the News Feed unless they get posted there too.

To add content to the Story simply select the icon "your story" on the left sidebar Stories on top of the News Feed.