Choose whether to show the post where you are tagged in Facebook!

Not everyone knows that Facebook gives us’ the possibility of choose whether to show the post, photo, or video content in which we Tagged a priori, before they are published and associated with our name. A smarter way to control tag instead of avoiding

This can allow us to avoid a fool, or to know who should not, things we wanted to keep hidden.

facebook privacy

You no longer have to beg your friends not to taggarvi in ​​a certain place, Facebook will put these tags in “interrupted”, will send you a notification, and you yourself decide whether to make them public or not.

Then, stop to those required “please, not tag me here, my boyfriend does not need to know” :)

Let's see how:

  • At the top right click on the arrow pointing down black, next to the name of your profile, and select “Privacy Settings”.
  • In the settings “Diary and tagging” selected “Change Settings”:facebook impostazione diario
  • facebook impostazione tagNow active control: “check out the post in which friends you have tagged before they appear on your diary.


At this point, the settings are completed; when someone in a post taggherà, in a place, in a comment, will request your permission. In your personal page, on the right part, button “Activity Log” highlight when there are approvals to do as in this case: facebook eventi da approvare


You can decide for yourself whether to approve some posts individually, approve or reject them all with a single click: