Facebook helps you find working with Social Jobs App

The new marketing strategies from the upper floors of Palo Alto, where is the vertex of the known social network Facebook, attempt to incorporate the many features already on the portal as many options as possible so going to integrate the classical facade of entertainment website, also various utilities.

The announcement of Social Jobs Partnership, or an application for recruiting professional has destabilized the dominant position of LinkedIn, the most important social network industry, to the present day giant of the sector's business network. On this fact reside millions of resumes and employment certificates useful for both businesses and for individuals seeking employment.

From today, thanks to the application Facebook Social Jobs, users of the social may no longer need to leave the blue pages of the network to engage in more serious activities. A few days after launch, in fact, the software offers 1.700.000 jobs thanks to the support of databases of Monster and BranchOut.

Facebook Social Jobs Partnership


LinkedIn meanwhile, which has more than 180.000.000 of members, trembles at the sight of what the new application of the network of Mark Zuckerberg could mean for the entire industry of professional networking. Meanwhile, the first lucky testers Social Jobs App can count on a huge variety of ads including the system offers a search function for keyword, geolocation, or sector.

The social network Facebook for the job is active only in the United States and the United Kingdom. There is no further news on the possible opening of the service within the Italian borders.