Facebook: see the latest news instead of the main news

Facebook has the powder’ time changed its policy of viewing the news on the home page, and more and more users ask us how to display the news more recent instead of “top stories”, both cellular computer. Let's see how to do!
The official reason for which Facebook displays the “Top-Stories” (or the “Headline News”) instead of the latest news when we make access to the site or through the app for smartphones, is that Facebook is able to show in the news feed more than 1.500 news: simply show the most recent, we would lose visibility to news published by maybe a few minutes, but important, shared by many people or people who often follow.

In fact we must not forget that Facebook has a purely commercial purpose: the opportunity to highlight pages, goods, picture with little expense, Facebook has almost forced to create an algorithm (one washing procedure ndr) able choose which stories to show for their first users (le c.d. “top stories”), and be able to choose among these also the commercial news, sponsored or highlighted.

This is how the “top stories” the “top stories” that is the news that you see when you log in normally to Facebook: it's not like you've seen the news published more recently, but the news that, secondo Facebook, should be more interested in those published in the last hours / days.

The choice of news to display, as we said before, Facebook is done by using a complex algorithm: are assessed a significant number of factors (which are not made public) to choose the most relevant news for you: For example, you will be shown the news published by the friends with whom you have had sex more recently, of whom you have shared or commented photos, Tagged with whom you have, with whom you have exchanged personal messages.. or posts that are tagged places near you or where you have been lately.. and of course.. pages, and sponsored posts that Facebook considers most suitable for you.

If you do not like this way of reading the news, or if you really have nothing to do and want to see immediately what has just been published by your friends will present below the solution:

By accessing the website Facebook, Classic mode is to change every time the display filter news, in this way:
recent Facebook

This setting will be canceled but every time I exit the website and you will regain access.

If instead you want to keep this setting and always open Facebook with the latest news the solution is much simpler: create a soft bookmark to access Facebook in order to open the site using this address: https://www.facebook.com/?sk=h_chr
No way this will always be shown the most recent news of Facebook Default!

The link can also be used from mobile devices: Android and iPhone / iPad if you want to see Facebook from the browser instead of the App.

The official Facebook app for iPhone / iPad and Android devices on the other hand does not allow you to save this choice: every time you open the app you will need to apply the filter to show the latest news as shown in the picture below.
There is no way to set the display of the latest news Facebook by default with the official Facebook app


Facebook recenti1Facebook recenti2