Fake profiles and “Like”: Facebook takes action

Fake profiles with names of companies and brad, strategies to capture false “like” on the pages of companies ... and Facebook takes action!

"To Like that doesn't come from someone truly interested in connecting with a Page benefits no one". This l 'incipit the note published on 31 last August that administrators Facebook, noted the trend of buying or procuring false Like on fanpages of companies and brands, announce strict and accurate controls.

But let's order. That social networks are no longer exclusively a fun distraction has long been clear to all. If you have noticed especially companies that, often stimulated by marketing agencies or media professionals, now take assault Twitter, Facebook, Google (to name the most popular), but also Foursquare, Instagram and the newest Pinterest, to promote products or services and to increase their popularity.

When half of us are the business then, the going gets tough ... and not always correct! Which was confirmed in recent months that has been talked about a lot of unorthodox methods used by many to "brag" not a real online popularity, as in the case of fake followers which also involved politicians and professionals.

If Twitter was the first victim, all imagined that soon the controversy would have invested even Facebook. But no one, probably, would have expected that Mark Zuckerberg got his hands on in order to protect - with good reason - the credibility of the social network and to emphasize the need to respect the terms of use, announcing the automatic removal of "like" suspects: “(…) we have recently increased our automated efforts to remove Likes on Pages that may have been gained by means that violate our Facebook Terms ".

Probably that Facebook is merely a preventive discourage companies dall'usufruire in the future to correct little buying services like false, which might damage the reputation of a social network that earns about sharing authentic contents and initiate, hypothetically, to lawsuits between the companies for practices unfair competition Facebook which would necessarily be involved.