Fancy: purchases for the new social class

Fancy store that is both blog, magazine and wishlist. It is a place where you can discover fantastic stuff, treat a collection of things you love, receive updates on your brands and your favorite stores and share your discoveries.

Use it to create a catalog of your favorite things on the web and in the real world. When you find something you like on the Internet, from a Fancy!

It is a very special blog where you can see some beautiful photos of objects and clothing for sale.
Photos are published directly by the vendors or even by the designers / manufacturers.

For each object shows the price, and you can comment and read other users' reviews.

If an item you particularly like you can give a “Fancy”: dai un Fancy (which is equivalent to “I like” Facebook or to +1 di Google ), you can add it to your wishlist or even buy it!

If you are lucky enough to have friends very generous and wealthy, you can send them your “whish list”, hoping that someone you settle with a nice gift!

To underline the fact that Fancy uses a technique of Marketing now quite widespread, offering real credits for every friend that you invite and register, or even better if he buys something of Fancy. These credits can be used to buy items from the site.

Fancy is already available on the web at the official site come app iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows Mobile.

Fancy Thing Daemon, Inc.. Category: Shopping, Styles and trends
Evaluation: 17+
Version: 6.6.5


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