Stop requests and invitations to Facebook games

Receive continuous notifications on Facebook to unnecessary calls to the games? You can not really more?
Here is a simple way that will allow you to fdefinitely Facebook notifications ermare with requests to participate in the games!

To stop those boring invitation requests at Facebook and all those games that use such as Facebook sharing platform, You can certainly go from time to time to inform Facebook won't receive notifications for that specific game.

In the long run, however, the procedure is really boring.
At this point better to do a simple task that will take many annoyances: very few people are interested in notifications by invitation of Facebook games, Yet this is a rather large business.

Here's how to stop requests to Facebook games

Follow what reported in the ’ image below, or follow these steps:

  1. Account settings
  2. Applications
  3. Platform
  4. Set to NO invitation notifications at

richieste inviti ai giochi

Share with your friends these simple instructions especially if you love games to Facebook!
Avoid unpleasant situations :)

stop sending facebook request