Movie streaming: FilmPerTutti is at the top for streaming movies, series and anime cartoon.

FilmPerTutti is one of the best sites for fans of Italian movie streaming, series and anime cartoon. From today FilmPerTutti address changes and provide a better service!

Filmpertutti stood once again as one of the best sites film in streaming in Italian. A portal well done and up to date that allows you to watch streaming, uninterrupted film, series and anime cartoon.

If some sites or movies risultarti were blocked or inaccessible, please see our article Streaming sites blocked: how to change the DNS on your computer and iPhone / ipad [tutorial]

Filmxtutti streaming filmFrom today Filmpertutti has a new address: if you are passionate about film in streaming point your browser to (the old address was no longer used ) and lean back in his chair to enjoy your film in streaming, your TV series or your favorite anime cartoon in Italian or in the original language with Italian subtitles.

The streaming movies are all categorized by genre and an internal search engine allows you to easily find the movie you want to see free.

On the homepage of will highlight the first-run movies streaming and the last films included in FilmPerTutti.

Every movie streaming is accompanied by a short but precise plot and from a review, but the real added value of this free streaming movie site is the ability to directly download the movies on your computer:



At the bottom of each page, after the review you will find the player directly to see your movie.
It is the video player VK ideal for streaming. After a short initial buffering the movie is uninterrupted and smooth if you have a good internet connection.
The player VK allows you to quickly switch to full screen mode and change the video resolution.


Just below you will find a series of links such as those shown in the figure:



Use the links included in the section “Streaming” find alternative sites from which see stream the same movie in alternative to the player already inserted in the page.
They are usually offered several sites where some sites have deleted files. We tested several films never found a broken link.

In the section “Download” instead there are links that will allow you to download for free directly on your computer or tablet movies.
This will allow you to see the film at a later time, even without an internet connection on your PC, on your tablet or smartphone!

For the less experienced movie streaming, FilmPerTutti proposes a video with the guidance on how best to use this streaming site.
You can watch it directly by clicking here: How to use FilmPerTutti to see your movies in streaming!

Here's an example of 15 streaming movies to the most viewed 10 April 2013 on

  1. The Host 2013
  2. Arrow
  3. Jimmy Bobo Bullet To ...
  4. Grey's Anatomy
  5. Three All'Improvviso
  6. Heart of Dixie
  7. The Hunter gig ...
  8. The Big Bang Theory
  9. The Lord of the Elf ...
  10. Revenge
  11. G.. Joe The vendetta
  12. Welcome President ...
  13. The Mentalist
  14. Mad Men Tv Series
  15. True Blood

You can see the current standings and the last entries of films, anime cartoon series and on each page of the site!

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