Some Italian Internet provider (Fastweb, Infostrada, Alice, etc..) Act of limitation by putting in “black list” some sites on their DNS to prevent users to watch streaming movies hosted at larger (and fast) sites that offer film in streaming, including
The official reason is to fight film piracy, but we think the real motivation is to “save” La banda: the vision of a film in streaming “consumes” bandwidth, forcing the telcos to “buy” in greater amounts in order to avoid slowing down their networks.
If these restrictions do not like, you will continue to see Your movie streaming even on blocked sites simply changing the DNS of your connection by eliminating those “modified” from your operator and using the public DNS.

To find out cos'è DNS, how it works and how operators block some streaming sites we advise you to read our article “Streaming: not work? here is the solution!”

We recommend the use of Google DNS, always-date and free of these limitations for sites streaming movies:

  • Primary DNS Google:
  • Secondary DNS Google:
    cambiare dns

How to change the DNS on the computer with Windows

The most “geeks” already know how to change the DNS server on your computer by accessing the IPv4 settings of your wireless, but here we see a easy way to change the DNS: leadership
We will use open source software (free) and portable (that requires no installation): Dns Jumper
Download DNS Jumper to change the DNS on your computer directly from here or from the official site.
Dns Jumper does not require installation, it opens right:
cambiare dns jumper

Set the parameters as shown in the figure and click “Apply DNS”.
New DNS will be configured immediately and you can already use it to watch movies streamed even from blocked sites.

How to change DNS on iPhone / ipad

To change the DNS from your iPhone or iPad when connected to a WiFi network to watch streaming movies from your mobile device the easiest way is to act directly on the settings of the WiFi connection:

  • Go into the Settings menu
  • open the submenu Wi-Fi
  • select the connection you use by tapping the (the)
  • touch the DNS entry, deleted and added to the address shown

Come DNS cambiare your Mac

To DNS cambiare your Mac, you have to follow these simple steps:

  1. go to the System Preferences (by clicking on the icon in the Dock bar) and select the Network item in the window that opens.
  2. select the connection currently in use (this is. Wi-Fi or Ethernet) from the left sidebar
  3. click the Advanced button at the bottom right.
  4. go to the DNS tab and delete all addresses in the DNS Server box (if there are), selecting them with the mouse and clicking on the button “-” which is located in the lower left
  5. click on the button “+”, type the address of the primary DNS server ( and press the enter key on your keyboard
  6. Repeat for the secondary DNS server (
  7. click OK and then click Apply to save.