Movie Streaming with iPad

With very big spread of tablet, a growing need to look film in streaming with iPad. Very often, however, the limitations of the Apple device does not allow you to watch movies on iPad straming. Let's see how to overcome these difficulties and watching streaming movies on iPhone and iPad!
The devices from Apple iPhone and iPad have some limitations in display sites that offer content developed with Flash.
The native browser for the iPhone and iPad Safari browser and one of the most widely used alternative “Chrome” can not display video when the player (the plugin that allows you to view streaming content) are developed with Adobe Flash (ex Macromedia).

In questo caso le soluzioni sono due per guardare film in stranger su iPad e iPhone:

  • look for sites that take advantage of alternative technologies to flash to view video
  • use an alternative browser to Safari and Chrome to get into the streaming movie sites

streaming ipad


Sites for streaming movies without flash

The best player for film in streaming that does not use flash technology is VK. Many of the sites listed in our page of sites streaming movies use the player VK and are therefore accessible from the iPad and iPhone. An example is an excellent site for streaming movies that offers a flash player not accessible from the iPad and iPhone.

Remember that every request to install plug-ins or add-ons that you should be presented in an attempt to display streaming movies is false: This is misleading advertising that tries to convince you to install paid app or provide your personal data (Also credit card) to rip you money.
Therefore do not click on these requests carefully and observe the page to browse for the correct link to start the movie.
Here below is a typical example of a request by DO NOT CLICK:
film streaming plugin

Browser for iPad or iPhone with Flash support

There are some browser for iPad and iPhone that support the display of flash movies and that allow you to see streaming movies on iPad even from the websites with Flash player.
Flash technology is rather “heavy” and threatens to consume early in the memory of your device, Therefore, before using a browser with support for Flash, we recommend to close all background applications (double clicking on the home button and “dragging” up all apps) before you start watching a movie.

From some tests we have done, the browser per iPad e iPhone that showed the best compatibility Puffin Web Browser is available both in Free and in the paid.

If after trying the free version you are good we advise you to buy the paid version which is faster and more you will not be disturbed by the banners.

Below is the link to download the free and paid version of Flash enabled browser:

Puffin Web Browser Cloudmosa, Inc.. Category: Utility, Productivity
Evaluation: 17+
Version: 5.2.2

Puffin Browser Pro Cloudmosa, Inc.. Category: Utility, Productivity
Evaluation: 17+
Version: 5.2.0

Puffin Web Browser is also available for Android devices:
Puffin Web Browser Flash Free:

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Puffin Web Browser Flash a pagamento:

Android Market badge