End of support for Windows XP. What? And’ serious?

Some readers have asked for explanations about the message you received on your PC with Windows XP: “The service will stop support for Windows XP on the day 8 April 2014“. What's this? we have to worry ? And’ and virus?notifica Windows XP termine supportoThis is not a virus, is a real message from Microsoft that informs us that from the day 8 April 2014 Microsoft will not make any more update on the Windows XP operating system.

What does it mean exactly?

Periodically (rather frequently) Microsoft releases updates for their operating systems; These updates come in two main types: functional type (How to activate new functions, support for new devices or peripherals, etc..) security or. And’ just security updates that we have to pay attention.

Normally these updates automatically installed in your computer, sometimes giving you any notification.

After the April 8 ’ 2014, stop the service of Windows XP support, Therefore, these security updates will no longer be performed.

What is involved in the termination of the service is to support Windows XP ?

The impacts are definitely more on the side of safety: no critical security updates for Windows XP, Your PC may be vulnerable and to be attacked by viruses, spyware and other malicious software that can steal or damage your corporate data.

Without security updates even a good anti-virus software Portra be able to adequately protect your computer.

I have nothing secret in the computer, I feel comfortable?

In fact no. It is not necessary to treat the data of the CIA or NASA expect to have to have a secure PC. The pitfalls are so many, many more’ of those that you can imagine. Below trovere an example of some things that you may incur if you do not have a PC well protected and with a good antivirus software; do not think that will ever happen to others.. or that only happens to inexperienced.. can happen to anyone, and the consequences can be disastrous.

  • theft of credentials of e-mail
  • theft of credentials of social networ
  • these thefts can lead to identity theft (someone could impersonate you, buy property, chidere funding, commit crimes in your name)
  • theft of online banking credentials, paypal, credit cards, etc...
  • loss of data
  • virus infection

there are many other risks that are likely to affect not only your work saved on the PC but hurt you financially.. but these are more than enough to make you think about safety..

Better protect not?

The first step to good protection is to have a updated operating system (Windows 7 the 8.1 for Windows users). What are you waiting? trust me.. is a good investment, look at the deals on Amazon: