Flash in iPad and iPhone

The lack of support content developed in Flash on iPad and iPhone 4and for some users is considered a major limitation.
As the technology Flash is disappearing from new sites to make way for technologies that provide a compatibility 360 on all devices, Flash is still used in many sites. Let's see how to access content developed in Flash on iPhone e iPad.
Why flash is not supported on iPhone and iPad?
The reasons of the absence of support for Flash on Apple devices like iPhone and iPad have already been explained in 2010 Steve Jobs, and among others are:

  • The system is proprietary to Adobe, and Apple can not exercise control
  • economic dependence of a license to Adobe
  • reliability, safety performance (Flash is known for its constant attacks and holes system)
  • inability to hardware accelerate the process of playing flash video to save battery power
  • lack of native support for flash with the touch
  • bond with Adobe: any updates on firmware iOS may not be supported by Adobe
    flash ipad

That being said, iOS devices are, however, some browsers that allow users to enjoy some peculiarities such as Flash video playback or viewing sites.

Remain excluded other features that prevent us, for example to play with most of the flash games (and it is for this reason that for the best flash games in the world there is an app dedicated iOS).

Flash technology is rather “heavy” and threatens to consume early in the memory of your device, Therefore, before using a browser with support for Flash, we recommend to close all background applications (double clicking on the home button and “dragging” up all apps) before you start watching a movie.

From some tests we have done, the browser with Flash support for iPad and iPhone that showed the best compatibility Puffin Web Browser is available both in Free and in the paid.

If after trying the free version you are good we advise you to buy the paid version which is faster and more you will not be disturbed by the banners.

Below is the link to Download the free and paid version of the browser Puffin Web Browser-enabled flash:

Puffin Web Browser Cloudmosa, Inc.. Category: Utility, Productivity
Evaluation: 17+
Version: 5.2.2

Puffin Browser Pro Cloudmosa, Inc.. Category: Utility, Productivity
Evaluation: 17+
Version: 5.2.0