How to change your Facebook profile picture? also from Mobile!

Since Facebook turned all the profiles in diary style, may seem a little difficult change the profile picture, but with this simple guide you can edit your photo in a few simple steps both from your PC and Facebook mobile.

After you have logged in, in your homepage click on your name in the upper left, in order to visit your profile with the new look. Point your mouse over your photo, and when it appears in the “change profile picture” you click on it.

facebook foto profilo

At this point there is a window that asks you how you want to change your profile image, let us see what are the possibilities:

  • Choose from the photos used to select your new profile picture that you already have in your photo album on facebook
  • Take pictures allows you to take immediately a new photo with your webcam and use it as profile picture
  • Upload photos need to load a new image from those present in your PC or smartphone
  • Change the thumbnail allows you to change the location of your current profile photo
  • Remove will remove your photo instead leaving the default iimagine

Opens a box in which you can achieve "manually" with the mouse your photos to Facebook or pane automatically fit to the size of the latter by placing the check mark next to Suitable. At the end of the procedure, click Salvo and your profile picture will be updated automatically with changes.

To change your profile picture from Mobile, works in a different way but very simple both from IOS that from Android.



In iPhone change the facebook profile photo is very simple; Select a photo of those already present in your album and hold in any part of the image to bring up a menu below and select “Set as profile picture“.

To set a picture that is not already in your profile, first loaded nromalmente in your profile then do the same procedure when you have it already in your album.



To the operating system Android the same applies, that is, if you want to set a picture is not present in your album, first uploaded to your profile.


Then open the photo of your choice and press the menu button ( to the left for example, in Samsung Galaxy ) , and select “imposed as” and press “Set as profile picture“.