Facebook Camera available for iPhone!

And’ finally available for Italian users, the download from the App Store “Camera on Facebook“. We had already talked about this new app in this article.With this new Facebook App tries to facilitate and stimulate the vision and uploading images directly on the mobile social network.

Camera 1.1 520x780 Facebook updates its Camera app to include notifications and uploading photos to specific albumsFacebook Room allows in particular of:

  • See the photos of their friends: «Aprendo la nuova app si vedranno gli aggiornamenti delle foto degli amici. To see more pictures of each album Simply scroll down the screen or tap to enlarge each image »;
  • Share multiple photos: «Sarà possibile condividere rapidamente più foto in una sola volta e non doverle postare una per volta. Just select the images you wish to share, select each photo and then publish them with a click. You will have the option to add a description, il luogo e taggare gli amici prima di condividerle. È facile poi modificare le foto con i nuovi strumenti come ritaglia, wheel and the ability to add filters to each image of the roller ».
The application is compatible with iPhone and iPad but it is not yet known if and when it will be available for smartphones and tablets with Android OS.

What is the first step for the integration of Instagram on Facebook ?