Foursquare: the social network of places

Foursquare was founded in 2009 by Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai, and has recently attracted a lot of attention from fans of the web, becoming one of the services of the most discussed in the sites that deal with web 2.0 and social media.

Partiamo dal presupposto che Foursquare è un very interesting social network, because unlike many other, is based on the ability to report its position at any given time with other people who are part of our network. Se Twitter ha introdotto il cosiddetto tweet (twitter) , Foursquare si è fatto conoscere per i suoi Chek-in, that through them, è possibile registrare e trasmettere ai nostri contatti la precisa posizione in cui ci troviamo ; that both a museum, a bar, a pizzeria, cinema, no matter, Through this system, we understand where we are and the most important thing is that we can communicate our condition or useful advice related to that place. Più Chek-in facciamo in uno stesso posto, più abbiamo l’occasione di diventare Higher, ossia “sindaco” di quel luogo.

If for example, every morning before going to work we stop at our bar of trust for a coffee and do the usual check-in, otteniamo sempre più punti per conquistare una serie di badge, ossia delle “medaglie al merito”, culminating finally in the possibility of becoming Mayor.

But how do we always do the check-in, without a computer at hand? Simple, Foursquare works with mobile phones. Exactly, la condivisione della propria posizione geografica può essere fatta solo tramite gps attraverso un dispositivo mobile , as a smartphone an Android, an o iPhone a Blackberry, for which there are special free apps. Simply access their reference market and search for the app to your device, install it and always have at hand a fast, fun and easy to communicate to others our position.

We can say that it is a kind of game, di gara a chi riesce a diventare Mayor o a ottenere più Badge. Could be no doubt also a way for stores, activities such as pizzerias and bars, to try to attract more and more customers, maybe placing of special promotions for those who manage to be precisely Mayor, rewarding in this way not only consumer confidence, but also the free communication that comes from the tips left on check-in that point of sale.

Do not you too great a chance that could offer?

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