Friends’Photos di facebook: new photo service from Microsoft

Given that the photos shared on social network of Marc Zuckerberg are greatly loved by all facebook users, now increase the chances thanks to the launch by Microsoft a new tool of Bing: Friends’ Photos.

The company Windows has made the decision to focus on those pictures every day on Facebook are the subject of a very high number of sharing. Has launched a real Search Engine photo available to those who use Facebook for socializing on the internet. Effettivamamente it goes to integrate a feature which for the moment is not present in the famous social network.


Friends’ Photos seems very interesting, due to its ease of use. Practically have at their disposal a specific search bar where you just enter a word or phrase will be displayed immediately and all those photos shared by virtual friends, in reference to its own terms for the searching.

And’ can also look for a friend or acquaintance, in order to be able to see her albums and all the photos in which it is tagged, with a policy that allows.

Molto interessanti risultano le opportunità offerte da Friends’ Photos anche per avere una panoramica generale delle foto in cui siamo stati taggati e delle foto che sono state condivise di recente. Gli utenti inoltre hanno la possibilità di agire su Friends’ Photos mettendo i loro “mi piace” e lasciando i loro commenti sui contenuti.

Given that the service offered by Microsoft is still in beta stage( probationary), need to take into account that there might be some error or malfunction.

However, it is certainly an important innovation, to which Facebook has not thought, nonostante il social network of Mark Zuckerberg ultimamente si sia dato molto da fare, to offer a wider its users.

Recall that Facebook has just bought Instagram for as much as one billion dollars, but to give its users a helpful search of photos we thought Microsoft, offering a service not to be missed.

Possiamo utilizzare Friends’ Photos mettendo in atto la solita procedura che viene sfruttata per le varie Facebook applications: the user must enable the process that allows an external service, or to a 'app di utilizzare le informazioni presenti sul social network. At this point you can exploit all the potential of Bing.