Gianluca Vacchi: the new video by train reaches 3 million like in 3 days

Gianluca Vacchi, known “Entrepreneur” Bolognese is still talked about for his Ballets published on social networks: for his latest Ballet by train almost 3 million views in less than 3 days.Gianluca Vacchi you can now define a Instagram star and inventor “the dance of ’ summer” and certainly these are the reasons why it is famous, not so much for his entrepreneurial activity (see our article: “Loss-making business for the King of social Gianluca Vacchi“.

The girlfriend Giorgia Gabriele has in fact filmed an improvised Ballet of Gianluca Vacchi by train which was then posted by the same Vacchi Instagram:

Be crazy not lazy! #gvlifestyle

A video posted by Gianluca Vacchi (@gianlucavacchi) on

The same Giorgia, reflected in the window of the train makes a very eloquent nod calling crazy to Gianluca.
Train staff is absolutely indifferent.

Besides nearly 3 million views, the video on Instagram totaled over 8.000 Comments, Many also coming from foreign ’:

  • rmgaudas_Songa: Crazy Italian!
  • veroarzani: Es a divine!! Me encanta!!
  • marlen2675Me encanta… Es un loco adorable… ❤

There are of course (Fortunately n.d.r.) the criticism, here just a few examples:

  • reine_claudine: I am a man so I wont neither at my table, neither in my bed, bear with me… The charm and style for me are a ’ else, all this preening does fall into the ridiculous…
  • mcstylist1982: But give me a break when I meet tell him that is embarrassing, I am convinced that this guy thinks he is cool…OUTRAGEOUS
  • micolsilvestrelli: Parry this is so rich that no longer know what to invent!