Play & Taste McDonald's is interrupted. Negati i Panini Free! Social are in turmoil!

McDonald’s has discontinued the distribution initiative awards(Panini) free started a few days ago through the app and the facebook page Play & Like. People rebels on social networks! A wrong choice, application badly done, risks undermining the work and the amounts invested in marketing of months to McDonald’s.

A few days, McDonald's had launched, also in Italian, an interesting initiative called "Play & Like with McDonald's " which allowed win a sandwich a day, until 17 February.

To get the prize (a free sandwich from McDonalds a day's) was enough play Play & Like means Facebook app or Play&Taste for iPhone and Android devices and more than six toys “skill” rather trivial.

Well, the application was so well done that with a minimum of knowledge about the world Apple was easy Inifiniti get free sandwiches, even without playing and even more than one a day.

The news seems to have spread on the Web, where sites in search of popularity spread the process to obtain the result. And’ therefore necessary to thank the authors of these articles (and YouTube videos) which indicated the way to defraud McDonald's for the cessation of promotion.

It must be said that even the reaction of McDonald's ’ to discontinue the promotion and distribution of prizes already won is commercially highly questionable.

Just look at the reaction of users on Facebook, in official McDonald's Italy to realize:
the post in which McDonald's announces that it has received the promotion stop after a few hours of 1.200 comments in which the company is accused of being unserious, to behave incorrectly and is proposed, For the same reason, a boycott of McDonald's in favor of Burgerking:

Screenshot 2013-01-15 All 13.19.54

Why the choice to block the prizes is questionable? The promotion of McDonald's was to all intents and purposes be considered as a competition: the competitor was prompted to download an app to win a free sandwich per day until 17 February. The contestant had to engage in the resolution of six mini-games which involved a waste of time anyway.

In Rules of Play&Like is clearly written:

Once you've completed all six games dell'App, you will be entitled to a tasty prize in a choice of six products you've played (McChicken, Filet-O-Fish, Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, Crispy McBacon and McRoyal Deluxe) and go and collect it directly at one of our participating restaurants McDonald's.

There are no clauses that allow McDonald's to stop the interruption of the distribution of prizes.

Furthermore, not everyone knows that McDonald's:

McDonald’s Development Italy Inc. through this application detects anonymous data and information (device type, geographic location, date, now, …) which processes to achieve better management and optimization application, and for statistical purposes in relations to its products. This information may reside on servers located in Italy or abroad and on central servers McDonald's Development Italy Inc. located in Italy, but will not under any circumstances disclosed by the owner or its employees to third parties or used, except for the above purposes

So in summary, McDonald's has made you lose time to complete the six toys, has used your information transmitted from the app at the end of statistical (and therefore for their commercial use) and now.. you do not want to deliver the sandwich!

Say you wish list!

Meanwhile, Also the app "Play & Gusta "has been removed from the App Store.