Hackers attack Facebook

In recent weeks there had been a attempt to cyber attack against Twitter, now it is the turn of Facebook targeted by hackers.

The announcement was made officially by Facebook who said they had suffered several attacks by groups of unidentified hackers. It also seems that there have been "leaks" of data and as released in the recent press release, it seems that no account was hacked and the attack would be marked by the publication of obscene images on the Social Network.

The attack would be leaving the website of a software developer for mobile devices and it happened when some of the employees have entered the Facebook website by this developer; the site had been compromised and therefore the employee PCs were infected by malware, despite being equipped with the most advanced anti-virus protection.

Once we discovered the problem, "we have put in place all the infected machines, informed the authorities and launched an investigation that continues today "state from the upper floors of Facebook.

The infection would also be due to a security flaw in Java: il mese scorso aveva addirittura provocato un’allerta sicurezza da parte del dipartimento degli Stati Uniti per la Sicurezza interna. The government agency had in fact advised users to disable Java from the computer because of a weakness that hackers could exploit.

Oracle, Own Java, then that it had solved the problem and, in blog post, Facebook says it has received the security patches Java two weeks ago.