The traffickers advertise trips to sea on Facebook

That Facebook has become the shopping channel is a fact. No we never expected, however, that you might also find pages that sponsor so-called journeys of hope: a Facebook page advertises the “travel” in the boat from Libya to Italy ’.The page was obviously written in Arabic, but with a minimum of knowledge of the possibilities that we offer for example Google Translate is very easy to discover the contents.

It seems it's a page “commercial” where the “organizers” the journeys of hope disclose news concerning the next trips.
In the comments of the people you see also reviews, and confirmations of people who arrive at their destination safe and sound.


For more information, the authors of the page asking to be contacted via WhatsApp and Lapwings.
Advertise page managers phone numbers with full certainty so that they are not in any way traced.
They are also advertised prices of ’ crossed (be taken with Tongs, because according to some comments then removed, in truth are requested then more money before embarking).
You pay about $ 1,000 for a crossing of 8 hours to which we must add, of course, the costs and risks to arrive in Libya: 350 dollars to arrive from Tunisia and up to 3500 dollars for those from Turkey.

Here are some examples of posts published on the page (translated with the automatic system of Facebook):
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You can check yourself directly to the Facebook page: HTTPS://