GMail and push notifications on iPhone

Some users are reporting difficulties to set your GMail address in the iPhone using Exchange to receive push notifications. The Exchange server appears to stop responding. For some users, the service Exchange to receive push notifications on receiving new email account GMail it still works.. other does not work. Here is why!

IPhone users / iPad more evolved long time use mode Exchange to manage their own GMail account from your device. This is the mode that allows you to receive real-time push notifications when you receive a new email:Gmail push exchange
Instead by surveying the email with the classic settings “Gmail” provided by our iPhone, We can use our GMail account, but we do not receive push notifications snapshots to receive new posts.

The push notifications for Gmail no longer work. Error Exchange for Gmail on the iPhone:

Google has already stated in December 2012 you want to exit the Exchange,:

Synthesizing, Google says that Google Sync has been designed to allow access to Google Mail, calendar and contacts through Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync ® protocol.
With the recent launch of Mac OS X server, Google now offers a similar access via IMAP, CalDAV and CardDAV, making it possible to create a perfect experience synchronization using open protocols. From 30 January 2013, consumers will not be able to set up new devices using Google Sync.

However, Google Sync existing connections will continue to operate. Google Sync will continue to be fully supported for Google Apps Business, for the government and schools.

gmail_push_iphoneWhat does this mean ? Can I continue to have push notifications with Gmail on the iPhone?

And breve, You can continue to use Exchange (and make use of push notifications on iPhone / ipad) only under these conditions:

  • have you used the Exchange: you can continue to use it but only with your device; changing device (for example in case of warranty replacement) miss this opportunity
  • you have an account “Premium” or a paid account to Google Apps

Then, can continue to use the app “Post” di default the Vostro iPhone e iPad, but unless they occur at least one of the two requirements above, you can not use the Exchange protocol that allows you to have push notifications.

Configured so your GMail account in the traditional way, going to the Settings / mail, contacts, calendars / Add Account… and selecting “Gmail”. You do not need to know parameters configuration for Gmail, your iPhone will guide you: Please include your user name (which is the full email address) and password.

If you want you can set your iPhone so that it automatically checks for mail every n minutes. Remember that this activity, especially if you check multiple email addresses generates an increase in battery consumption… so unless the emails are not really for you priority, a check every time it is usually more than enough.

How to have push notifications for immediate email GMail on iPhone / iPad?

Subject to resort to third-party services to which you have granted access to your mail box, or various other techniques too invasive for the protection of our data, the workaround is to use the’native GMail app for iPhone.

This allows you to have control of your box and be notified in real time (push notifications) on receiving new email.

Gmail - email from Google: safe and organized Google, Inc.. Category: Productivity, Social network
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Version: 5.0.170827

Obviously l'GMail app (downloaded for free from the app store or by clicking on the link below) has the disadvantages:

  • the client is not as linear as the official app iPhone / iPad
  • even if you have not GMail addresses will be forced to use two different programs to check the mail, and then you will no longer see the useful function of simultaneously incoming mail more boxes (GMail not)
  • The Gmail app is, though much improved compared to the past, slower than native iPhone