Gmail Inbox shows: the new way to manage your email!

How does the new service Gmail Inbox for managing and organizing e-mail? Google unveiled “Inbox” a truly revolutionary way to manage and organize e-mail.

Does not replace the Gmail Inbox, is simply an application that interacts with your usual Gmail account and enables you to organize and interact with e-mail in a more natural and effective. Inbox is designed to easily keep track of your appointments, to avoid missing important communications and to store and sort the mail automatically learning from your habits.

Inbox can be used exclusively on the Chrome browser, on Android smartphones and the iPhone and iPad.

In order to use Inbox is currently need an invitation (or use a trick to use Inbox uninvited discussed in our article).

You can an invitation to Inbox from a friend who is already enabled service Inbox or order it directly to Google simply sending an email also empty out of your Gmail account at

Here are some of the new Inbox by Google:


The "Highlights" is the most important part of the Inbox, and even more evident when you access the service. The screen displayed and organized the relevant messages for the day. For example, the booking of a flight is shown in the stream of messages with greater evidence, with additional information obtained from the Web such as the actual time of departure of the airplane, terminal and the gate of the airport and directions to get there. A purchase made online appears between messages with the possibility to trace the shipment, while other messages warn any commercial offers expire. The messages from their close contacts, with whom we exchange messages, are shown in greater evidence. Overall, the section is used to monitor your mail and know of what they speak, without having to open them every time or can be read in full if you do not have time.

Inbox - Google



Groups of messages

Inbox promises to solve the problems of “overcrowding of emails received” that often make us lose the visibility of important email. Received messages are sorted not just in chronological order, as in the classic boxes inbox, but are also divided into groups of messages.

To be clear, If you are already accustomed to use existing adapters mail in Gmail is something like, but for the most advanced generation. Unlike Gmail, however Inbox shows the contents of the mail address of different categories in a single stream, arranged partly chronologically and partly on the basis of the importance of the messages.

Inbox - Google

When and if it is wrong to classify an e-mail Inbox, just drag it to the correct group and Inbox learn from his mistake for the next time.


Within Inbox, you can also set reminders on things to do in the future. When you record a new one, the system checks the contents and check if there are emails received recently that may have information to help you complete the thing to do, otherwise they look on the Web: additional information is automatically displayed along with the reminder. For example, by an exchange of emails on a holiday to be organized in a local, Inbox can automatically retrieve information about the place to book, on the day and time, indicating in the memo the phone number to call for reservations.

Inbox - Google

Inbox also gives the possibility to postpone reminders and reading some emails if you do not have the time to pay attention to them immediately. You can postpone for a few hours, one day, a week or up to a given choice, or you can ask to reactivate your Inbox reminder when you will arrive at a certain place. The same goes for e-mails received, if you are delayed reappear as new unread messages at the end of the reference.

This set of features are not as trivial as it might seem. In fact, Google uses a number of algorithms have already been tested by time to esempmio with the service Google Now this natively on Android , Chrome and Apple devices (even if not fully integrated like on Android devices).

Thanks to Google, these algorithms try to predict our behavior and giving us useful information to complement the best of our activities.

For example, if Google through Gmail (Inbox) points out that we have an appointment across town, There is no traffic in the city and we are still at home.. an automatic reminder will alert us that it is appropriate to start by 5 minutes if you do not want to be late.

For those who are a little’ nostalgia and habit, Inbox Google may be unsettling especially at the beginning, but you should start to get the hang of.. because this will probably be the future!