Gmail: Schedule sending emails and notifications in case of no reply

Gmail does not provide directly to schedule emails and receive a notification when the recipient of our emails there replies in due time, but through a small external component to Gmail totally free, We could get additional features in Gmail!

Schedule sending emails

A small additional component external free GMail allows you to prepare a mail and send it later by setting a schedule for delivery of the latter.

And’ a very useful feature for those who work at night but do not want to see that you have written an email at imporoponibili.
If you need this feature installed Google Chrome extension “Boomerang”.

To install free Boomerang click here and install the extension.

Once installed the extension, in the mail composition window will activate a new red button “Send later” that will allow you to schedule the sending of the email or even to schedule repetitive sending of mail, choosing the repetition time.

Receive notification if no reply

You are afraid of forgetting to do something for which you have been waiting for a response to your collaborator?
You want to remember to do something even if you or your partner forgets to reply to an email? Even in this case helps us Boomerang:

  1. Install this free extension of Boomerang as described in the preceding paragraph
  2. put the mark on “This Boomerang … ”
  3. Choose how long you must notify Boomerang
  4. choose on which occasion you must notify Boomerang:
    1. If no reply (in the absence of any reply)
    2. If not clicked (If the recipient has clicked on the email)
    3. If not opened (If the recipient didn't open the mail)
    4. regardless of the activity of the recipient



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