Google is going to buy WhatsApp? What will change? [updated]

Recent rumors on popular news sites now give American technology for the fact’WhatsApp purchase by Google. [updated]

[update 10 April 2012]

It seems that the rumors of WhatsApp acquisition by Google has been denied by both parties. It will be a real ad or a simple business move? We'll find out soon!

[end update]

Without a shadow of doubt Whatsapp has become the most popular among the hundreds of applications that allow you to swap free messages between smart devices of different technologies.

And’ also out of the question that Whatsapp is a leading competitor in iMessage, the messaging system provided free in devices that mount IOS.

The approach of Google is without a doubt very simple: it is necessary to provide its users with users of Android devices that mount a messaging system “globalized” and free. Therefore, a system is not restricted to users who have a Google Account, but that can overcome competition from Apple by providing a multi-platform.


Among the choice to develop a new one, and the ability to provide natively in Android devices a tool already used by millions of people.. probably the second becomes the winning choice. The small obstacle is the price: it speaks of an alleged offer of 1 billion dollars. A shocking figure that gives us an idea of ​​the circulation of money behind these applications.

But it seems that the owners of the trademark WhatsApp (Whatsapp Inc.) are taking time to give an answer to the behemoth Google. We know that WhatsApp has already received several purchase proposals, and also that even Facebook had declared the purchase interssata. Surely, however, who better than Google would have more interest and availability for purchase.

Surely the startup WhatsApp Inc.. has done a great job that is making a lot of.

Will Google to dull? Sapremo it certainly soon.

Almost certainly this purchase would also benefit the WhatsApp users: it would considerably broaden the audience of users, and most likely view the policy that has been shown in the Google Apps will disappear of their licenses, the newly introduced annual license fee for the use of WhatsApp.