Google Allo: Google's response to WhatsApp! Instant download!

After launching Duo, l ’ app for video calling is now the turn of Google Allo, the second of the apps dedicated to communication announced by Google at the event i/o 2016.
And’ limited to identify Google Allo as a pure messaging application like WhatsApp: It is actually a software that integrates artificial intelligence to help you respond quickly to stakeholders and to find information of all kinds.

Getting Google Allo

Google made its debut today At, but you will need to wait a few days because the ’ application can be available to all users on Android and iPhone.
Customers Google Android will be able to download The Since the beginning, in order to use it in a few easy steps:

  • enable the option "unknown sources" in the "safety" of "settings"
  • Download APK file (safe source)

On the website apkmirror on the link above for Download Google Allo There are many versions: you need to download the right version for your device. If you don't know which one to choose can safely proceed by trial and error: If you downloaded the wrong file, during the installation ’ will be successful and you'll have to try again with a different version.

Google for the intelligent responses

The strength that will make a difference with WhatsApp and Telegram is calling feature by Google “Intelligent Answers”, allowing for even responding to a message from a friend at a touch.

How? Some examples: If a friend will send you a picture of a kitten, Google will recognize you and probably will prompt you to answer “What a sweet!”, and if a friend asks you if you are coming, The will prompt you to answer "Yes". Smart feedback system is designed to learn the user's style and how to respond, in order to improve predictions.

It's called Google Assistant and is able to speak with natural language (currently supports only English but Italian ’ will be released soon).

Google Assistant will respond for example questions about weather, about the film at the cinema, to search for notes, reminders and email.
Taking a cue from Siri, l ’ Assistant Google even makes jokes as you can see from these screenshots:

Google Allo

Google Allo: the other features

Google Allo don't miss classics stickers and the emoji, but you can also send custom photography with scribbles.

Google Allo

The more attentive to privacy please also note that the application protects conversations using TLS encryption (Transport Layer Security).

I can also turn Incognito mode, discreet notifications, the end-to-end encryption and other typical functions of Telegram like message expiration.

There are also emoji and sticker, nor the ability to send custom photography with a freeform. Another tool that could determine the success of The is what allows you to make text (a bit like he was raising his voice), giving it greater prominence within the chat.