Google buys Snapseed and hurls you into the challenge with Facebook

I do not ever give social peace, and ends as soon as a competition starts new. This time to go to war are Google , the social network for excellence of Google and the unbeatable Facebook. Facebook, who has recently purchased Instagram, now sees Google argue buying Nik Software, the company that developed Snapseed, l’app di modifica, processing and sharing photos recommended by


Buy photo editing platforms is now a trend of social networks, and Facebook has given the go-embedding Instagram, the app used by 100 millions of users. Snapseed also has good numbers, with 9 million downloads in a year; users that accrue to the 400 million Google , peak reached a year after the launch of the social.

Snapseed, unlike Instagram, does not have its own specific community, but allows you to share your edited photos by posting them on Facebook, Flickr. Twitter and Instagram on the same.

Per capire come funziona Snapseed e vedere qualche immagine tratta dall’applicazione mobile potete andare a vedere il nostro articolo che tratta l’argomento: Snapseed: the quality editing of your photos.