Google Glass: the future is coming with Google Goggles.

Has long been talk of this project Google: Google Glass, Google goggles, to wear the technology and augmented reality. Let's see what it is.

It has been only a year since Google took away the veils in this project, the first fully functional prototypes have already been released to the developer, and Google will release the Google Glass to a portion of the public.

modularThe famous glasses for augmented reality are becoming increasingly something real, rather than futuristic as it seemed only a few months ago.

The Google Glass are equipped with a camera, viewer and allow users to search the web and capture photos and video with the voice commands but also to receive and follow the instructions shown on the screen.

glassThe preview cool. A few weeks ago, Sergei Brin, one of the co-founders of the company, was photographed in the subway in New York wearing a pair of Google Glass. While in the past fashion week in New York in September, glasses had appeared on the catwalks of the fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg who later had also released pictures of the backstage and the show clicked with Google Glass.

Google has released a great video site dedicated to Google Glass that we propose here:

The movie, as representing scenes that few of us will live in reality, view the ability to interaction using voice controls, the opportunity to take photos and capture videos, the navigation system turn-by-turn shown directly in the display, and integration with the Google Now.


The the price of the Google Glass seems to be around 1.500 Dollars, a gadget still quite expensive.

Google says to be looking for "bold and creative individuals who want to join us and be among those who will shape the future of Glass», However the kit availability Explorer is currently still limited and therefore this initial phase involves a small number of units deploying to the public.
Unfortunately, currently the requirements to obtain a copy in advance provide for the residence in the United States, So if you live in Italy and in other countries will have to wait before you can try. The Americans interested right now to buy the device (the prototype of which has a cost of 1500 dollars plus tax) should therefore convince Google to provide them with a prototype, explaining to the group (su Twitter o su Google ) what they would do if they could get the Google Glass. The initiative will expire on 27 February.

For more information you should visit the official website of Google Glass:

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