Google I / O 2013: the all new Google … for all!

From a few hours ended Google I / O 2013, the annual event in which Google presents the innovations introduced or that it will release a short (by 2013). The event also draws the line that Google wants to keep for the future, and as always the company's Mountain view shows you light years ahead of the competition!

The news presented by Google are really numerous and extremely interesting, and in some cases may affect some aspects of our lives. Google is not new to surprise us, he did just a few months ago with the introduction of the Google Glass ( Google Presentation Glass ) and continues to do so.

We thought we would give you a very brief summary of what was presented during the Google I / O and to do so in order to make it accessible to anyone, even the less technical, just following the line-up of Google.

google_play center

Play Google Games

The new Google Play Games is officially the opponent's Apple Game Center: rankings, trophies, live scores to share with your friends. Game saves in the cloud made in order to keep playing on different devices, or when changing device. Ability to resume an interrupted game also from another device, make matches in real-time multiplayer against your friends, and much more. Apple starts to shake?


google Google Play Music All Access

Google Play Music All Access

Google Play Music All Access is a platform that gives you access to thousands of music tracks. Log in direct competition with other services like Spotify already known, Deezer, and many others.
Even in this case from a single song is possible to generate a radio, with playlist to be edited at will, managing in an ultra-personalized your music listening experience.

Big advantage of Google Play music is the ability to “melt” tracks offered ni streaming, with their own personal library that can’ consist of purchased tracks, or MP3 in your possession to be loaded in the cloud. All this of course is accessible from the web from smartphones and tablets.
The service will cost exactly like Spotify: 9,99$ in America and will have a free trial period of 30 days, in a particularly similar to what is already the case with the services of the competition.


Google HangoutsHangouts

Hangouts Define a messaging service the same way as WhatsApp is a bit’ restrictive. Hangouts allows you to send messages to your contacts, but also videochiamarli or do Hangouts (video conferencing with multiple users simultaneously; currently up to 4, but the number will soon be increased).

Other value-added Hangouts is to be fully compatible and available on all platforms: obviously starting from Android devices, in iOs, but also accessible from the web via the Chrome extensions, or within any browser. Hangouts is already available for iPhone / iPad and obviously for Android devices, where it will soon be integrated directly with the management of SMS.

Hangouts Google, Inc.. Category: Social network
Evaluation: 4+
Version: 19.0.0

Google-MapsUpdate Google Maps

Google has revised one of its classical applications: Google Maps. New graphics, full-screen mode. And’ We can find both a place that any business in the surrounding area, with the results shown in real time. They are then reported to the places already visited and recommended according to your personal tastes. Ability to generate a real-time way to follow the specific directions with turn by turn as a navigator. Thanks to the merger with Google Earth, you can view the 3D reproductions of the city or the interior of the buildings directly in the browser, without the need to install additional software or plugins.

Google-Now-Google-I-O-nowUpgrade Now Google and research.

Introduced voice searches in Google Chrome, both for mobile devices that computer: research will be activated directly by saying “Ok Google”.
New tabs for the service Google Now that provide information to the user based on location, repetitive tasks, calendar events, research carried out, etc...
Improvements in speech recognition and voice responses provided. Everything is once again enhanced. We are moving from the era of touch to that of voice!



WebP WebMNew image format: WebP will become the new competitor jpg format widely used for many years on the Web. The format WebP besides being extremely compressed (up to a 30 % saving on file size without losing quality) also support animated actions.
The WebP format will be introduced very soon on all the sites in order to ensure a loading time of the web pages much less.

New video format: WEBM that allow you to have video over the 60% lighter than the classic video currently used. The technology will be introduced very soon on YouTube already allowing us to save more than half of the data traffic of our device. Think about how much you can save data traffic watching videos in the new format!


Google play for educationalGoogle Play for Educational

Google enters the world of education by leveraging its tecnolgia to distribute information in schools and universities, just like Apple has already done some time ago. Google already has at home a great tool (Google Groups) to allow schools to all levels to share information. Will also be available from the autumn of this year a series of applications for students and teachers.


Google+ I/O 2013

Lots of news for Google

Il social network di Google, Google will undergo many changes both in terms of graphics to make it more attractive and easier to use, both at the conceptual level by introducing some service such as hashtag typical Twitter.

The information will be presented in dynamic columns (1, 2 the 3 depending on the resolution and size of the monitor used) with a new algorithm for automatic positioning in the news in the right place.



New tools for photo editing and image editing

Google will introduce into their apps and websites provide a range of online tools and simple to use application that will allow you to touch up in a few easy steps your photos before publishing.

Cut out, change the color tone, collage, panorama, HDR and more!
Brand new features allow you to automatically discard photographs failed badly, blurred, overexposed.. all automatically!



Google I / O 2013Here are the other new:

CheckOut that allow you to make payments in maximum security, but with an extreme simplicity, using data from credit cards jealously guarded in Google Wallet, a kind of “Paypal” targato Google. Google Wallet enshrine the data of your credit cards, allowing you to pay, message by email, without having to transmit your personal information to strangers.

Developer tools Google: submitted new APIs which are a kind of “facilitators” to include services opperti by Google Maps application, Web services, and so on, in order to make such services available in a much simpler and more accurate. Note that the new location services designed by Google will allow a considerable saving of battery consumption (geolocation services are among the major causes of a decrease in the battery of your smartphone.

Presented Android Studio, a development environment to create app for Android devices that enables you to work faster during the programming phase, and facilitate the creators of the app to make it multilingual.

Introduced a new Galaxy S4 Pure Android that leads the clean interface and original Google one of the best hardware devices currently in circulation (remember that the current firmware of the Samsung Galaxy S4 “manipulated” and enlarged by Samsung, and this allows you to have ready on release of microprogram versions in circulation.