Google Now for iPhone and iPad is available! The review

Google Now, The intelligent assistant that Google is depopulated on Android, is now available for devices IOS iPhone and Android. Graphics well taken care of, detailed information at the right time, with a small intrusion in our data. Let's find out together!

On the iPhone and iPad devices Google Now comes as an upgrade of the popular application Google Search. Therefore, do not try Google Now on the App Store: simply updated or downloaded the free app “Google Search” by Google, Inc.:

Google Google, Inc.. Category: Utility, Reference
Evaluation: 17+
Version: 33.0

Google Search was already available and widely used, but now with the update definitely change the face: viene introdotto Google Now, the application becomes faster, usable and has been much improved voice search.

Without a shadow of doubt on iOS iPhone and iPad application is not integrated into our smartphones as is the case for Android (for example in the Samsung Galaxy S4 is integrated directly into the system), but Google has done a great job not to lose too many features

Google Now: Between home and work

Google Now: Between home and work

We advise you not to miss the small initial presentation after opening for the first time Google Search, will explain in a few easy steps using Google Now.

The basic concept of Google Now is fornirvi in ogni momento le informazioni che più vi possono servire without even having to ask. Let's take an example: This morning I opened Google Now and showed me my appointments today, the Weather with related forecasts related to my position, and informed me that to get to work there was a slight clogging in a street.

After an hour Google Now about showed me some news related to the research I had done in the minutes before in Google.

The information displayed by Google Now improve with the use: Google Now learn your habits and depending on your activity on the Google search engine, on Google and your email, offers you news and updates of interest to you.

It is exact, you got it: pur garantendo la nostra Privacy Google Now ha accesso alla vostra mail (unless you do not impediate) and can not figure out with a decent margin of error if you bought or booked for example air or train tickets, and shows such as personal assistant inside your Google Now you idati flights or trains searched for on Google or purchased (if you had the booking confirmation on Gmail).

Now, thanks to Google's location shows for example the most beautiful photos taken around you: useful function when you are in a new place and you want to discover the beauties that surround you!

When Google will be able to have more information about you will show for example public transport timetables you normally use or the results and news related to your favorite teams.

If you are traveling abroad, card will automatically appear in helping with translations local language and with foreign exchange.

The voice assistant is less “sympathetic” in Siri, providing only answers resulting from Google searches, but it is quite reliable in speech recognition.

Google Now: voice search

Google Now: voice search

Other updates to the Google Search introduced in this release:

– definitely improved the section on Google searches:
in addition to the normal search with typing, there is also a renewed Google voice search, significantly faster and more reliable than the previous. Now voice search shows real-time recognized words and no longer have to wait for the processing of the old version.
Also greatly improved the Search for images (or Google Goggles).

Now if you click on the search result, the corresponding site will open in a browser very efficient integrated directly in the app, but you will have at your disposal the choice to open the result in Safari or Chrome.

Google Search also gives you access to all Google applications installed on your device or iPhone and iPad available in mobile version.

Surely many features available in Google Now for Android have not yet been implemented in the version for iOS, but the application is only in its first version, time has to be improved. Some functions, however, , given the operating system IOS very closed and does not allow the app to access certain information or system functions, will never be integrated as the version for the new Android smartphones.

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