Google Pixels: Here's the news on Google

Google will hold an event on 4 October in San Francisco to showcase to the world its new devices: This was announced via a tweet with a clip on YouTube and a website which currently shows only a few details on the main focus of the appointment: a mobile phone-shaped silhouette.

The main innovation is that there will be no device “Nexus”: Google seems to be willing to remove the brand from its catalog, by unifying all under the brand Pixel, already used to “(C)” the tablet with 10 inch unveiled last December.

Google pixel logo

During the presentation we should see at least four devices: two smartphone manufactured by HTC, a viewer for augmented reality and a tablet.

Smartphones will be differentiated (a powder’ as it does for Apple) for their size: Google Pixel display 5.2 inches and Pixels XL from 5.5 inches. Under the shell shouldn't change much with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 820, 4 GB of memory RAM and cuts up to 128 GB.

The two smartphones have metal shell, Although not all the back cover is made of aluminium, given that the top is covered in glass. The front side is entirely white, at least in this variation; just wish the bottom, that would normally be positioned on home button, It was censored.

The novelty is the presence of Android 7.0 Nougat, the latest Google mobile operating system saw the last i/o Conference.

Another rumor concerns the updating of the successful family of Nexus 7 e Nexus 9, with a tablet that also here do not call "Nexus" to become “Pixels ".

Unlike the Pixels C, a convertible designed for professional users, It is a product directed to mass, so with good performance and low price.

Partner with Google to produce these new devices should be Huawei.

Here are a couple of images that are supposed to represent the new Pixels: