Google Play Music now available in Italy!

The big bet Google in the field of digital music arrives in Italy. Il nuovo servizio Google Play Music consente di acquistare singoli brani o interi album e di inserirli nella propria collezione musicale sui server di Google.

Google Music Play therefore also acts as a sort of free storage in the cloud, dove gli utenti possono avere fino a 20.000 canzoni to listen to them anywhere, simply logging in with your Google Account.

It is true that A similar service is also offered from iTunes, Amazon Cloud Player o Xbox Music Store, but it is not free. Only Amazon also offers a free option, but the number of tracks is limited to 250.

Con Google Play Music, the music library will be synchronized and made available on all devices used. To listen to music in offline mode, you simply select the playlists and albums that most interest and these will be available on Android devices. Also, You can share a listen to the song purchased on Google Play through Google .


Google has partnered with all the major labels and thousands of independent labels, who are now able to sell their music on Google Play. Ma è il cosiddetto Portale degli Artisti la novità più importante di Google Play Music. By paying an annual fee of 25 dollars who has musical talent and is looking for the big occasion, will be able to sell their own original music content, without additional complications and with a remuneration equal to 70% the price (the 30% is held by Google). Any musician, group or singer could thus provide directly to the global electronic market their creations original.

This new music digital store created by the Mountain View, as well as in Italy, was opened in Germany, France, Spain and England.