Google plus: the social network Google signed

Google plus is the Social Network Google signed which in some ways is very similar to Facebook, but with that extra value that him can make a difference.

Google is a social network that lets you communicate with friends, stay updated on the news from around the world, Multiple video chat and much more ... All in one Network.

All this without ever losing sight of all the main features of Google such as Gmail or search the web.

A lot of information will be taken directly from your Google profile and Gmail, especially the contacts, that you can add to your circle of friends or, if they are not enrolled, send them an invitation. You can still add contacts to anyone who has an account Gmail, even if not in your network contacts.



Sharing information on Google is very similar to that on Facebook, In fact, one can choose the type of post; Photos, Video, Status Messages, etc. ... Share, comment or appreciate (through +1) a post to a friend, someone that you are following or tag a friend in a post, a photo and so on.


All the sharing of Google relies on this feature. The Circles, are lists where you can categorize your contacts, of defoult there are 4: Friends, Family, Acquaintances and People I'm following.

By breaking contacts in circles, you can direct an updated status, shared a video, a link and everything you want only certain people or to a single user, as he did earlier Diaspora.

We make an example. I would like to publish on Google pics from last night that I went out with friends. But then I think, maybe my boss does not matter that much of what I did last night so, through the circles can then choose to show my status update only to Friends list. Or in case I created other circles, to more than one (This is. Friends, former classmates, etc.). By doing so you can communicate exclusively with friends by me except the category chosen leaving Labour.

Also, having divided their contacts into groups, there is also the possibility to choose what to see on the news streaming news, selecting the various Circles, You can only see the news of that group, thus facilitating the sharing of information that may be of interest.

Be added, or better, categorize your contacts into Circles is easy, you just select the friend or friends and drag them to the desired circle:


Hangout, is a channel of video chat rooms where you can communicate in real time with your own links, whether it be a chat between friends or a professional discussion between colleagues. In fact, Hangout is possible in video chat at the same time, via webcam, with a different number of users, you can also add as the conversation continues.


Google is mobile. Available for free to all smartphones, containing all the functionality of the browser version it on your phone.

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