GoogleMaps finally available on iPhone! The Google maps are updated!

The update to the firmware iOS 6 iPhone has brought many innovations.. among these users did not like the choice of Apple to give to the classic Google maps. Finally on the App Store app is available in Google GoogleMaps which introduces many new!That the new maps adopted by Apple for the new IOS 6 have not found much success among users as demonstrated by the thousands of negative comments about the new maps left by many users in social. Finally a few days ago Google released the Google Maps app on the App Store, Apple allowing users to take advantage of its services.

The app is completely redesigned compared to the one that was built in the old iPhone firmware and is obviously free.

We see the main features, the news, the improvements and introduced a operation guide the new app Google Maps:

  • completely redesigned graphic style in the beautiful Google Plus Mobile
  • integration with your google account with the ability to recall the most frequented places, custom maps
  • integration with Google Places to display the tabs of shops and places of interest, with opening hours, telephone contacts and user evaluation
  • ability to review business
  • mode GPS satellite navigation free with voice guidance in Italian turn by turn (the voice tells you which way to go)
  • satellite maps or cartographic
  • indication traffic detected on the roads
  • Streetview (also inside buildings, museums and much more)
  • public transport
  • integration with Google Earth

Let's see how to use the basic functions:

Google Images iphone guida uso

  1. Search Field. Here you can specify addresses (via, number, town) or names of commercial, important places, tourist sites or sites saved in your custom maps
  2. Mode browser GPS with voice turn by turn
  3. connection with your google account
  4. your position
  5. tapping and swiping on the left you enter the settings mode on the map where you can choose the view with the map or satellite view with the integrated, the traffic roads, the routes of public transport or the connection with Google Earth
  6. This button centers the map on your current location.
    the position is detected by GPS (if you authorized when you first start the Google Maps application to access the service gps tracking)


Typing a location or an address, will open at the bottom of the card with the location retrieved from Google Places:

GoogleMaps istruzioni luoghi navigazione dettaglio

Clicking on the car inzierete GPS navigation toward that place, while dragging up the tab that appears at the bottom, you open the first page to the detail of the place of Google Place, where you can view details, but most start navigating StreetView.

The application is really well done, although for now the “animations” are a bit’ slowed since the native application, as the Google app still does not exploit libraries APK Apple.

Currently the app has not yet been released for iPad, but should soon be published for the tablet by 10″.

Google Maps: transportation and navigation Google, Inc.. Category: Shipping, Travel
Evaluation: 4+
Version: 4.36.1


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