tutorial: how to load new ringtones on the iPhone without using iTunes

Tired of ringtones available on the iPhone? You do not want to buy those on sale iTunes? Let's see an easy method for upload new custom ringtones for calls and messages in your iPhone.

Change the default ringtones iPhone can be a little’ difficult, especially for those who do not want to buy them on iTunes.

And’ can use a small free software (already saw in the “How to load music on the iPhone without using iTunes!” ) which allows us to load our mp3 and our music on the iPhone, also di upload new ringtones for calls and SMS in our iPhone without having to buy and without using iTunes.

All we need is the free software iTools and an MP3 with the tone you want.

It is not necessary that the iPhone is unlocked and has therefore the jailbreak.

iTools allows us “cut off” our MP3 to make it ideal length to create the ringtone and for us to choose the exact point of the song to use.

Let's see how to load new ringtones for calls and SMS on the iPhone:

We download free iTools from this site.
(iTools for the correct operation it is necessary that iTunes is installed on your pc)

Once downloaded, open the zip file and double-click on the program iTools. Does not require any installation, therefore you can transfer from one PC to another iTools with a USB stick.

With iTools open, connect your iPhone with the cable to the PC and wait for iTools detect your phone.

We go to the section on ringtones as shown in the image:



In the screen that opens we will select our file MP3 pressing the button Choose.


At this point you will need to choose whether create a ringtone for calls “40 secs for calls” or for SMS “25 secs for msgs”.

Dragging the “scissors” choose which part of the’Use MP3 as ringtone, and with the button “Preview” We can hear the final result.

Pressing the “Save and import” our new ringtone will be copied in our iPhone and we can select it in the settings menu of your phone, standard setting it as a ringtone for incoming calls or messages, or associate calls and messages of a specific contact in the phonebook.

Easy is not it?